Anna Luisa, Xina Xurner, D.Wrex, DJs Ix Muan, Deadmatter & Disorder

9:00 pm - 11:59 pm


Facebook eventWe excited to be hosting Anna Luisa & Xina Xurner on their upcoming tour!

Anna Luisa Petrisko is a visual artist and musician. Her art investigates the complexities of the colonized body while encompassing a multitude of experience of time, space, and self. Whether it is experimental opera, multimedia installation, or a tropical new age pop album, her work is otherworldly spectacle that explores future and ancient ideas, invested as much in the sacred as in technological speculation. Anna Luisa’s trademark hand-painted bodysuits are re-indigenized alien skin, an embodied research project and reconception of pre-colonial tattooing practices of Pacific Ocean Peoples.

She recently received the MAP Fund Award for her forthcoming multimedia performance piece GENERATION SPACE.

Xina Xurner is an experimental music/performance collaboration between Marvin Astorga And Young Joon Kwak, whose cathartic performances combine DIY and power electronics, mutated vocals, and bad drag to expand ideas about queer and trans bodies. Their music combines a variety of genres (including happy hardcore, industrial, drone metal, and techno-opera), in order to create sadical and sexperimental noise-diva-dance anthems that evoke a sense of death, decay, and transformation. Xina Xurner released their debut album “DIE” in 2012 and their follow-up, “Queens of the Night,” was released in April 2018. Xina Xurner will make you sweat.
New Album “Queens of the Night”:

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Also Performing

Lumbering at 6’6”, D.WREX is a ferocious, two spirit being with a wail that conjures ruthless feminine spirits and distorted symphonies. Haunting beauty and bone chilling performance art set to heavy electropunk tracks.

deadmatter & disorder

9pm $5 Cover