Nick Bone & The Big Scene, Pull The Plug (first show since 1989!),Black’s Beach Boys

9:00 pm

Nick Bone and The Big Scene

Pull The Plug (First Show Since 1989!)

“Unearthed and unleashed for the first time in over 35 years! A musty mothball preserved time capsule of an album has been pulled from a basement in Boca Raton Florida. “Grandma’s Hot for Reagan” is what happens when the antiestablishment punk ethos shares a roof with an over bearing grandmother. The Two hellion brothers Otie and Nathan McAllister along with musical mercenaries Fritz Vintage and Spider comprise PULL THE PLUG. Their message is made clear with songs like “Kick the Bucket” and “Back in My Day (Your Day Sucks) , OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW! Now older and grayer themselves the members of Pull The Plug have been dug up by Reptilicus Records. Still living under the tyranny of their now ninety-something year old grandmother the boys are eager to get out there and tell a whole new audience just how much their Grandmother sucks.”

Blacks Beach Boys

+ DJs!

(Flyer by Live Rad Studios :Art by Thomas Fernandez)