Cartoon Chaos Cabaret

9:00 pm

Join the craziest crew of clowns on their debut tour, The Clownifest Destiny! A wild ride full of spectacular stunts, gut-wrenching gags, tantalizing tease, and a comedy cherry on top!
Meet us at The Tower Bar for a night you won’t soon forget!
$10 at the door

Door 8pm
Show 9pm

Lydia Wilts, the clown babe producer who will turn your phobias into philias and your dreams into reality!
Doktor Klaw, the host of the show and the world’s strangest strongman!
Bazoo the Kloun, a fool with a penchant for pain and a touch for the absurd!

and our special guest for the evening:
Scarlet Checkers the Clowntortionist, bendy babe and pain princess whose silly antics are sure to stun and amaze.