Deathgrave/Annapura/Bob Ross/Heat

9:00 pm

DEATHGRAVE (from Oakland, members of Brainoil, Laudanum, Dead Language, Amber Asylum, etc)

“Grind, Powerviolence, punk, metal, fast and brutal shit…. call-it-what-you-will, we don’t really know what to call this crazy release aside from fucking awesome! What you can stream herein is the debut offering by the Bay Area’s newest spine-splitters, DeathgraVe! Based out of San Jose and Oakland, members of DeathgraVe are: Matt on drums, Fern on bass (also Amber Asylum, ex member of Bird, ex member of Ringwurm), Andre on vocals (also of San Jose death metal bruisers Cyanic, ex member of Bird, ex member of Casket Blaster) and Greg Wilkinson on guitar (Brainoil, ex member of Laudanum, ex member of I will Kill You Fucker, super-renowned all-things-heavy sound engineer and too many other bands to mention!). Their debut self-titled Demo is everything you would want to hear as the soundtrack to an insane and hysterical poser-killing rampage!”

ANNAPURA (Mexico City)

“It’s really not surprising that such a behemoth sound could erupt from a three-piece. This three-part ingredient is what has made ANNAPURA a solid formula in Mexico City since 2013. They have arrived on the landscape with a fury, and eagerly continue to demonstrate their detonating riffs backed by an arsenal of drum attacking mayhem. Once these laid back gentleman plug in their instruments the scene shifts to a pleasant assault of thundering notes, sonic bass, and pounding rolls that make one realize these motherfuckers are for real. Their agitated vocals cut through the pain with thoughtful lyrics in Spanish that stitch together the personal and the political. They are rooted in a scene that aggressively supports one other and share the sounds of isolation, disgust, and comradery. ANNAPURA is not for the faint-hearted or delicate eared. We are lucky to experience and share their side of the world with you all.”
-Ethospine Noise



$7.00 for touring bands
8:30PM start