He Who Cannot Be Named (Dwarves), Bite & Shades McCool and Bold Flavors, Space Force

9:00 pm

He Who Cannot Be Named

He Who Cannot Be Named has been playing punk rock for almost 30 years, most of that time with the legendary “Dwarves”. An original member of this San Francisco based combo, he wrote or cowrote many of your favorite tunes from the early Sub Pop albums “Blood Guts and Pussy”, and “Thank Heaven For Little Girls”. He was voted guitarist of the year by “Flipside Magazine” in 1991, but is mostly known for his unusual stage wear, or lack thereof. His trademark look can best be described as “naked and wearing a mask”. According to James Orme from Slug Magazine, He Who… is “maybe the most mysterious character in all of rock n’ roll.” 

w/Bite & Shades McCool and Bold Flavors

Space Force