9:00 pm

secretdrumbandjune2016Secret Drum Band
SECRET DRUM BAND is a noise & percussion ensemble that began as a four-piece at Ladyfest in Olympia, WA in 2006. Lisa Schonberg’s compositions for the ensemble are often place-based explorations of soundscapes, species assemblages, ecological function, and movement. These compositions are carried out & interpreted by an ensemble of 7 percussionists and noise musicians. The ensemble also performs pieces that Schonberg composed with Heather Treadway and Allan Wilson for their trio HITS. SDB currently features Sara Lund [unwound/hungryghost], Allan Wilson [chk chk chk], Heather Treadway [explode into colors], Alison Clarys [tiburones], Anthony Brisson [psychomagic], and Sam Humans [orquestra pacifico tropical], and is often joined by noise musician Eddie Bond [psychomagic] . Treadway designs costumes for the ensemble.
TJO is tara jane oneil
As a solo artist, TJO has released 7 albums internationally. She was a founding member of Rodan and several other bands, and has collaborated on recordings and stages with musical artists such as the groups Ida, Mirah, Jackie O MF, Mount Eerie, Papa M, Come, the vocalist Nikaido Kazumi, and many more. In addition to rock clubs, galleries and DIY spaces all around north America, Europe, and Japan, she has performed at All Tomorrow’s Parties, the Centre de Pompidou, the Whitney Museum of American Art, TBA festival (portland), High Desert Test Sites and many many others. She has shown her visual art in galleries all over the northern hemisphere and had four monographs of her visual art published.
Penis Hickey